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Flipbooks & Photobooths

 Flipbook studios and photobooths now appear regularly at weddings and special occasions as a fun and engaging way to provide your guests with a party favor that will be a true memento of your celebration. If you have experienced a photobooth for flipbook studio, you know how much fun they can be. Consider incorporating them into the entertainment-setting up games and contests as ice-breakers and ways to keep the young ones occupied. The best part is that your guests can take home a souvenir of all the fun they had at your party. Now that’s a keepsake!

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A Flippin Good Time

By Appointment
East Northport, New York
(631) 576-6350

 Set-up a Flipbook Studio at your wedding, and send your guests home with a souvenir to remember what A Flippin Good Time they had. That’s right, call Dave and Stacy, the founders of A Flippin Good Time, to bring their mobile flipbook studio to your party, no matter the occasion, and you will seriously dial up the fun factor. Similar to a photobooth—but definitely NOT a photobooth—a flipbook studio brings folks together in front of the camera to produce a short, 7-second video using props, their own imagination, and a bit of direction from Dave and Stacy, to capture a scene that is converted into a book of photos that come to life with a quick flip of the pages—all printed during the event and ready for your guests to show off even before the party ends. Now that’s a keepsake!

The team from A Flippin Good Time are wedding industry pros, who understand how to create beautiful photos and videos, but they are also fun-loving, friendly, and creative—a perfect blend of style and expertise that assures great quality images and books delivered with the ultimate in personal service.

A flipbook studio is a fun, fresh and interactive way for your guests to get to know each other without waiting for your crazy uncle to lead off the chicken dance. So, make your party stand out from all the rest this season with the help of a flipbook studio from A Flippin Good Time. Yes, your guests will FLIP over it!

StingRay Entertainment Photo Booth

By Appointment
Shirley, NY 11967
(631) 484-9296

Grab a prop and strike a pose! Stingray Entertainment’s photo booth is ready for your wedding day. Complement your professional photographer’s serious work with fun candids of the guests showing off their goofy, wacky sides in keepsake photos that they can take home. Stingray calls them selfies on steroids, and we can see why. Once the curtain is drawn, anything can happen—and you will have the pictures to prove it.

Photo booths are a great ice breaker as guests swap and share photos and get creative with the help of Stingray’s friendly photo booth attendant. Stingray will provide the props, based on your suggestions and preferences, keep the booth running through the celebration, and give you copies of all the photos captured.

The photo booth service from Stingray Entertainment is fully customizable. You can choose your preferences -- from the props to the backdrop and most importantly the size of the photo prints—so the photos will fit your style and your theme. The price is reasonable too, especially if you take the photo booth as an add-on to Stingray Entertainment’s flagship service of music, DJs and Emcees.

Call Stingray Entertainment and make sure everyone is in the picture.