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Gift Registry

gift registry A gift registry is a wish fulfilled, for the giver and the recipient. There is no guessing on whether it's the right style, color, or size, and there is no doubt that the gift will be appreciated. No worries about duplications and those tiresome returns, either. A gift registry makes it easy for everyone, and these days it's not just for linens and china. Register where you want for the things you want, and let your guests know where to shop.

Santa's Christmas Tree Farm Gift Registry

30105 Main Rd
Cutchogue, NY 11935
(631) 734-8569
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Santa's Gift Registry Feature Page

When Santa’s Christmas tree farm has loaded the last sleigh of the season, they do not settle in for a long winter’s nap…

Instead the Edson family and their hardworking team are getting the showroom ready for the next celebration that comes along, from Valentine’s Day to Easter and all the patriotic events of the summer—even weddings! Of course, Santa’s is best known for Christmas themed items and gifts, but in the off-season this is a treasure trove of items to appeal to just about everyone, especially the housewares and décor that are just perfect for a couple setting up house together.

Pick a beach, wine or shabby chic country theme and find serving pieces, novelties, tea towels, and so much more to bring some of the North Fork into your home throughout the year. In fact, Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm now offers a gift registry, so whatever the occasion, from weddings to birthdays, and yes, even Christmas, you can register your favorite items and Santa’s team will make sure your guests will select just what you desire.

So, if you have not visited Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm in the off-season, be sure to get there soon to see the lovely selection of gifts that will be just right for someone on your list.