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Ceremonial Dove Releases

Ceremonial Dove Releases

Symbolize the beauty, love and commitment your wedding means with a ceremonial release of doves. This special service is offered here only by experienced handlers who carefully protect and care for their flocks of breeding and working birds.  

Consider a dove release to mark any occasion where peace, love, spirituality and devotion are an important theme, from milestone celebrations to memorials.

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Salt Air Farm Dove Releases

1535 New Suffolk Road
Cutchogue, NY 11935
(631) 734-4180

 Mark your wedding with a dove release by Salt Air Farm’s flying team and you will have a truly special occasion. Salt Air’s specially trained, and quite pampered, doves will take to the sky among you and your guests to make their way home to their loft in Cutchogue. It is a sight that will delight, we assure you.

Just the symbolism alone of a dove release is enough to consider it for your wedding. The white dove has been known among various cultures to represent peace, love, spirituality, and because they mate for life, devotion to their beloved. It is also said to be the sacred animal for Venus and Aphrodite the goddesses of love.

Symbolism aside, a dove release allows you to incorporate a natural element into your ceremony, but it is essential that you choose a flock that is cared for by experienced, humane handlers. You can be sure that Salt Air Farm has provided for every need the birds may have and only allow them to be released in conditions that are as safe as possible for them.

By the way, the species of dove used for ceremonial releases is a white homing pigeon 9descended from the rock dove). It is the homing instinct that makes these birds suitable for the ceremonial releases. Unlike other branches of the dove family these birds are able to happily fly home (up to 600 miles!) after making an appearance on your special day.

Salt Air Farm is a favorite source for anyone planning a country or rustic wedding on the North Fork. Contact Prudence and Dan at Salt Air Farm to discover how you can add the elegant and distinctive dove release for any special occasion you wish to commemorate.